Capped contracts

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  • Pick a
    £10 tariff
  • Select a safety buffer e.g. £5. You don't get charged for this unless you dip into it.
  • Your normal bill
    is £10/month if you stay within your monthly mins/texts/data.
  • And your bill will
    be capped at £15 if you dip into your safety buffer.
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Already on a Tesco Mobile capped contract?

Capped contracts with a safety buffer are available for you, too. Just call 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone and we’ll run through your options with you.

What’s a Capped contract?

Complete control over your bill, with a little flexibility. Choose a tariff, set a safety buffer and enjoy the peace of mind you'll never go over your bill cap.

How it works:

  • For a £15 bill cap, pick a £10 tariff and a £5 safety buffer.
  • Change the amounts any time.
  • When you get near your £15 bill cap, we'll text you.
  • If you reach your bill cap, we stop you running up more charges.
  • Your questions:
  • Answered:

So that you can gain complete control over your mobile costs. Your safety buffer will give you freedom to use more than your monthly tariff if you want. And you'll always have the flexibility to move your safety buffer up or down.

You'll only be charged more than your tariff amount if you use things not included in your monthly allowance, such as extra minutes, texts or data, calling or texting premium rate numbers, using your phone or tablet abroad, making international calls. This will come out of your safety buffer.

With a Capped contract, you'll never be allowed to use more than the safety buffer you've chosen.

It's really up to you. Say you never want to spend more than £15 a month. Pick a £10 tariff and give yourself a safety buffer of £5. Or, if you never want to spend more than £40, give yourself a £30 buffer. The choice is yours.

Yes, you can change it in the App or by logging into your online account.

We'll send you a text when you've nearly used up your safety buffer. Then we'll text you again when you've used it all up.

If you use up all your safety buffer, you can still use any minutes, texts or data you've got left in your monthly allowance. You just won't be able to use any extra minutes, texts or data, or do anything not included in your allowance. You'll still be able to receive calls and texts.

To keep using your phone or tablet for everything, you can make a one-off payment towards your bill or you can see if you can increase your safety buffer.

If you pick a safety buffer of £40 or less, we'll limit the total amount you can spend on data, calls and texts abroad at £40 in your bill month.

If you pick a safety buffer higher than £40, you're accepting that you could spend over £40 on data abroad. But we'll still apply the total safety buffer you've chosen for all minutes, text and data, whether you're in the UK or abroad.

Before you travel, you might want to consider turning off data roaming. Data costs 45p/MB in the EU and £8/MB outside the EU.

When you're buying your phone or tablet online, just tick the 'Yes, cap my bill please', then choose your safety buffer amount. You can change this in your App or in your online account any time.

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