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  • What is Anytime Upgrade?

    Anytime Upgrade is a different type of contract

    • Get the latest smartphones and tablets
    • Lower early upgrade fees
    • Pay less each month when your contract's up

    Choose your device

    Here's how it works…

    Phone payment

    For the cost of
    your phone


    Usage payment

    For your minutes, texts and data


    Your monthly bill

    Phone payment

    Usage payment

    Your monthly bill is made up of two payments, covered by one monthly Direct Debit.

    A phone payment
    For the cost of your phone

    A usage payment
    For your minutes, texts and data

    A new type of contract
    At the end of your 24 month contract, you stop paying for your phone and just pay for your monthly usage - saving you money on your monthly bill compared to most contracts.

    And if you want a new phone before your contract's up, just pay off whatever's left of your total phone payment. Then choose your new phone and start again.

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  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

    Is the phone or tablet free?

    No, you pay the cost of the device off over 24 months at 0% APR. This is covered by your device credit agreement. Once you've paid it off, the phone or tablet is yours to keep.

    When can I upgrade my phone or tablet?

    You can upgrade your device whenever you want during the 24 months – just pay whatever's left of your device payments. Then you can choose a new phone or tablet and get a new 24 month contract for your device and your usage.
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    Why are the upgrade fees lower?

    Other Pay monthly tariffs combine the cost of your phone or tablet and the cost of your usage (minutes, texts and/or data) and if you want to upgrade early, you need to pay off both. On Anytime Upgrade, these are separate so when you want to upgrade, you just have to pay whatever's left of your device payments. That's all – you won't need to pay off the usage payment.

    Here's an example:

    You're 18 months into a 24 month contract, and your monthly phone payment is £20 and your usage payment is £10. You want to get the latest smartphone. Just pay off the remaining 6 months' phone payments on your old phone (6 x £20 = £120). Then just choose a new phone on a new contract. There are no usage fees to pay off.

    Why does my monthly bill go down after 24 months?

    After 24 months, you'll have paid for your device, so all you have to pay for each month is your usage.

    After 24 months you can choose to:
    Enjoy lower monthly bills and keep your device
    Get a new smartphone or tablet with a new contract

    How does Anytime Upgrade work?

    Anytime Upgrade splits your monthly bill into two payments. One for your phone or tablet and one for your usage (minutes, texts and/or data). This means you have two contracts, but still only one monthly bill.

    Here's an example of how it works:
    You choose a smartphone. Your phone payment will be £20 a month for 24 months.

    You choose a usage plan. Your usage payment will be £10 a month for 24 months. Your total monthly bill for 24 months is £30 a month. After 24 months, you've paid for your phone, so you stop making your phone payments. You keep making your usage payments of £10 a month until you want a new phone.

    If you fancy a new phone before the 24 months is up, you can just pay off your remaining phone payments in a lump sum. Then choose a new phone and start a new contract.

    How often can I upgrade my phone or tablet?

    Once a month, but you'll need to pay whatever's left of your device payments. Remember that each time you get a new device, you get a new 24 month contract.

    What do I get with my package deal?

    Your package deal includes a phone and tablet. Your phone comes with a minutes, texts and data allowance - these will depend on the deal you choose. Your tablet uses Wi-Fi only, so you don’t need a data allowance for it.

    Can I change my usage/tariff?

    Yes, to another tariff of the same or higher value.

    Why is there a 'credit agreement'?

    You have a credit agreement because you're paying for your phone over 24 months. But remember that there's 0% interest, so you're not paying any extra this way.

    What's a representative example?

    Here's a representative example. In it, you'll see how we work out how much you pay each month on a 0% credit agreement. When you choose a phone and tariff, we'll automatically update the representative example on website to show what your specific costs will be.

    Length of agreement 24 months
    Total phone price £480.00
    Upfront phone cost £0.00
    Credit amount £480.00
    Interest rate (fixed) 0%
    APR representative 0%
    Monthly phone payment £20.00
    Total phone payment £480.00
    Monthly usage payment £10.00
    Total monthly bill for 24 months £30.00
    Total monthly bill after 24 months £10.00
    What if I don't want a 'credit agreement'?

    Not to worry, you can buy our Anytime Upgrade phones outright on a selection of tariffs. Call us on 0800 433 4990 or visit us in store to find out more.

    Can I recycle my old phone?

    Yes, you can get cashback for your old phone with Tesco Recycle.

    When can I upgrade if I’ve got a package deal?

    If your package deal is on Anytime Upgrade, you can upgrade your phone whenever you want during your 24 month contract. Just pay whatever's left of your device payments, then you can choose to upgrade to a new phone on its own or get another phone and tablet package.

    How do I return my package?

    If you change your mind, you’ve got 14 days from the day you receive your order to return it to us. You need to send both devices back to us ‘as sold’, with all the accessories, in the original packaging if possible.

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